Something Big Opening Next Week: Odysseo by Cavalia

Something Big Opening Next Week: Odysseo by Cavalia

Theatre Preview by Angela Allyn

It is hard to be too hyperbolic about literally the biggest show to arrive in Chicago this spring: Cavalia Odysseo.  You may have zoomed by the tent south of Soldier Field and thought someone cloned the Skyline Stage from Navy Pier. But this temporary tent, an architectural and engineering marvel, is the largest portable event venue ever built, and it is filled with over 80 tons of cutting edge stage technology.  A preview sneak peak had reporters standing on a manmade beach made with a proprietary sand mix that never dries out and that will stay non slip when they flood the stage with water.  A mountain of a different sand rises upstage to an enormous scrim. Overhead a massive light grid sports an ingenious carousel that will lower to the stage level to provide a playground for acrobatics.  This is grander spectacle than an opera, with more lights and effects than a rock concert, and even if you are not a horse fan, the gearhead genius of the stage design and technology will warm the coldest STEM heart.  But who doesn’t love horses? And the soul of this show will be the four legged athlete performers: 65 highly trained beauties that join the 48 human performing artists drawn from around the world.  Artistic Director Darren Charles promises audiences live music, ground acrobatics, aerialists, dance and horses in an event that will assuredly be nothing like anything else on view this month.  And its only here a month, scheduled to close after April 23rd, so if you want to say you experienced it, better get a move on!

Take a look below for some behind the scenes footage as they prepare for the show and a glimpse at the final product!

Cavalia Odysseo

Video by Angela Allyn

Odysseo by Cavalia