Klingon at EDGE of Orion

3 Stars out of 4

It’s as if a group of ComicCon nerds sat down with a gigantic punch bowl and made a wassail of Commedia del Arte, British Panto and Fan Fiction and is now serving up this raucous holiday mishmash at the comfy Edge Theatre in Rogers Park.  Narrated by a scholarly Vulcan  (Elise Soeder as arch and funny as any Vulcan might be) and spoken entirely in native Klingon which sounds like someone vomiting a cross between street German and Welsh language, this is an entertaining cross cultural evening, complete with supertitles for those of us not fluent in the Star Trek creature’s vocabulary. 

Built on the premise that Klingon’s had a foundational tale of holiday transformation of their own, the Vulcan compares and contrasts with the Terran (earthling) literature of Charles Dickens. In the Klingon story, the constantly battling culture is at odds with SQuja’s  nature. (SQuga istheir version of the character of Scrooge). SQuja visits three versions of a Klingon celebration (past ,present and future, natch) to find his inner honorable warrior.

The ensemble is the real star of this show and their work to create an entire culture of aliens that party and fight is lively. The fun they have on stage is contagious. I doubt that any cast members were native Klingon speakers at first read through but now they have achieved a fluency as well as a physicality that brings an entire village to life. For a Star Trek fan, this show is a veritable treasure trove of delights.  There were Enterprise costumes and Klingon cosplayers in the audience.  For those of us that are Klingon curious, there is much to love. The all cast battles will get faster and more risky as the cast settles in to the run and that will up the ante. Special shout out to puppet maker Jeff Harris whose Want and Apathy are eery reminders of too much in the news. Meeja Hahn’s prosthetics and wigs keep the Klingons authentic.

If you are looking for something completely different, something campy and fun, and you have a Star Trek fan in your crowd, this is a show for the whole family.  

Klingon Christmas Carol is playing through December  16th at The EDGE Theatre, 5451 N. Broadway, Chicago IL.   For tickets and information go to https://edgeoforion.com/klingon2018/