Volta Is Best When Flying Highest @ Cirque Du Soleil

Volta Is Best When Flying Highest @ Cirque Du Soleil

3.5. out of 4 stars

VOLTA is not the biggest Cirque du Soleil show to pass through town, but it features a more comprehensive narrative and some eye-popping, heart-stopping moments that make you wish you could fly.

Clowns are always problematic, and the evening got off to a horrid start with a bedazzled man trying to pick up chicks in the audience. I thought ‘are they this far out of touch with the MeToo movement to see how jarring that is?   I was worried when it was followed by some pretty average acts competing for Mr. Wow. When the winner was crowned, his blue hair was revealed, and he was banished from the land. thus the narrative about finding yourself and your home is delicately planted.

Thereafter, the acts are both amazing and move the story along. I found the costuming confusing at times as it covered up too much in terms of gender and personalities of the athletes.  The aerialists were the best I have seen, including the homo-erotic couple at the end. I really enjoyed the trampoline wall, and the row of rings hung side by side by side by side to reveal cascades of men summersaulting onto the nets below.

The BMX bike sections don’t have the danger when not motorized, but the dance – especially his solo when he realizes who he is – are top notch.

As usual, the audience had a great time. The music is wonderful, the crowd friendly, the access good, and you know in advance the $8 hot dogs will be horrible and the popcorn stale. But that is what make it Cirque, and is everything you want from a mid-summer night’s entertainment.

Volta will be presented under the Big Top at the Solider Field South Lot, 1410 Museum Campus Drive, Chicago through July 6th, 2019. Tickets can be purchased online at www.cirquedusoleil.com/volta or calling 1-877-9CIRQUE (1-877-924-7783).